About Business Transition Consulting

Business Transition Consulting LLC (BTC) helps business owners define and articulate personal and business values, set business and personal goals, identify action plans to accomplish those goals, initiate the action, execute the plan, and analyze the result. BTC emphasizes the process of making good decisions, making sure to involve both personal and business aspects in the decision-making process. BTC works to empower business owners to make timely decisions based on careful planning and conviction, rather than deferring matters indefinitely.

There are two essential types of transition plans, the contingency plan (providing for the contingency of an owner's death or disability) and the transition plan (addressing the transition of the business to its successors). BTC helps to enable both plans.

BTC has successfully coached owners of a variety of businesses. BTC works with clients through a planning process providing focus on one or more of the following:

    Evaluating creative ideas for expansion or profit-enhancement.
    Improving relationships between family members or co-owners.
    Creating a stronger vision of the company’s strengths and potential.
    Identifying conflicts and weaknesses that are holding back progress.
    Developing processes for focusing decisions and taking timely actions.
    Evaluating relationships and structures restricting personal and business growth.
    Identifying and improving ineffective and undesirable management behaviors.
    Achieving a better balance between business and personal needs.

BTC services are customized to meet each client's needs, with sensitivity to the qualities that make each person and business unique. For example, BTC helps managers identify the strengths and weaknesses of their workforce, and then coaches them on how to motivate, terminate or co-exist with employees. For partners or co-owners who have different values or visions, BTC can facilitate better communication and cooperation. A common benefit results from coaching engagements - important goals become clearer and gain priority, while obstacles become less obscure and formidable.